52% Protein Bar (50 gr.)

Weider Nutrition 52% Protein Bar 50 gr.
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WEIDER 52% Protein Bar

Never before has so much protein been packed into a luscious-tasting protein bar. For those who are looking for rich amounts of protein with low amounts of fat, your choice is Weider 52% Protein Bar!

Protein bars are convenient sources of nutrition especially when you're on the go. The only thing you need to do is make sure that your protein bar is actually loaded with protein - not sugars, fats or artificial sweeteners. 52% Protein Bar meets all those criteria as it's loaded with 52g of high quality protein in each 100grams.

If you're trying to build more muscle mass, 52% Protein Bars support your goals 100%. Its protein blend contains Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Powdered Egg White and Soy Protein Isolate - top quality protein sources that have varied absorption rates to support continuous muscle growth and preservation.

52% Protein Bar contains low amounts of sugars and fats, staying true to your mission of gaining lean muscle mass, not unwanted body fat.

Lastly, 52% Protein Bar is perfected to taste wonderful as soon as your taste buds come in contact with it. Featuring all-time favorite flavors such as Peanut and Chocolate, plus exciting Stracciatella, you'll never get tired of sinking your teeth into a 52% Protein Bar.

If you're on the road, working out or just craving something filling and healthy to eat, 52% Protein Bars are the perfect choice.

  • proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and an increase in muscle mass.
  • carbohydrate reduced compared to conventional confectionery bars
  • only 4% Net Carbs: A lot of the carbohydrates contained are polyols which have little impact on blood sugar levels.
  • contains many nutrients for the training

Recommended usage: 
One bar a day as your well deserved treat. 

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