Arginine X-Plode (500 gr.)

Weider Nutrition Arginine X-Plode 500 gr.
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Arginine X-Plode

4g Arginine + 2g Ornithine per serving for big muscle pumps

Arginine X-Plode expands blood vessels, which supply muscle tissue with nutrients, increasing blood flow through the muscles and considerably boosting muscle contraction during workouts. The combination with L-Ornithine tops up your body's own arginine reserves so that the free L-Arginine can take maximum effect. Lysine ensures that arginine circulates in the blood for longer and dilates the blood vessels more effectively.

The addition of tyrosine improves your ability to concentrate during training so that you can train to your full potential for the duration of your workout. Arginine X-Plode contains alginic acid, a phase transfer catalyst (PTK), to improve the muscles' ability to absorb oxygen.

Supplementing your workout with Arginine X-Plode will improve the efficacy of your post-workout nutrition because the additional nutrients can be absorbed by the muscles more effectively.

  • Increases muscle pump
  • Improves blood flow and supplies muscles with nutrients
  • Increases vascularity
  • Also contains tyrosine and lysine amino acids
  • Caffeine-free, free from saturated fats

Recommended use

1 serving (30 mg) of powder dissolved in 300 ml of water before each workout.

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