Amino Power Liquid (1 lit.)

Weider Nutrition Amino Power Liquid 1 lit.
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Amino Power Liquid - Waterbased protein hydrolysate shake

  • Provides fast-absorbing amino acids
  • Supports the regeneration process
  • Aspartame free
  • Provides necessary nutrients to the muscles

Amino Power Liquid is a powerful hydrolysate protein based drink with added leucine, taurine and vitamin B6 which provides the most rapid replenishment of amino acids to the bloodstream. Perfect around workouts for maximum amino uptake.

Amino Power Liquid can effectively combat the decomposition of the body’s own proteins for energy during a workout. If taken after a workout, it improves regeneration so that the muscle mass will show the results of training more quickly.

Directions for use:

1 serving before your workout and 2 servings after, mixed with water. One serving: 15 ml.

Store in a dry, cool place, keep out of children.

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